January 16, 2015

Jarrod Denton, AIA

hall Jarrod Denton 077

Jarrod Denton, AIA, courtesy of Signum Architecture.

: Signum Architecture .

Location : St. Helena, CA.

Bio : Jarrod knew he wanted to be an architect since the third grade and still exudes that fresh enthusiasm. Innovative, congenial and curious, he advances our relationships and technologies, tends much of our business process, and drives proactive environmental stewardship. Jarrod thinks of architecture in terms of long-term community building, linking his design to context and culture. His architecture is forward thinking, informed by his joy in travel and appreciation of the diversity and commonality in how people and architecture interact across cultural divides. An avid cycler and skier, Jarrod grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Mountains and water compel him to honor the beauty of the Bay Area with designs that respond to the shape and needs of the earth, connecting those who experience his buildings to them. He aspires to a body of work that his children and theirs will be proud of.

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