September 10, 2016

Jeff Lincoln Discusses Collective, His New Art and Design Gallery in the Hamptons

He was a political reporter for the Wall Street Journal before founding Jeff Lincoln Interiors. Now, with the recent launch of Collective, a 2,500-square foot gallery inside a former power station in Southampton, New York, Jeff Lincoln is a bona fide modern-day Renaissance man. Furthermore, his intent for the airy, industrial space goes beyond selling the modern art and mid-century and contemporary furniture it exhibits: “It’s a serious intellectual endeavor,” he says. “The shows are meant to educate.” Here’s more:

What was the tipping point to doing this? 

I’m entrepreneurial by nature—partly why I became a designer in the first place. Plus I’d been seeing an increasing connection between art and collectible design, and felt a need to show how they relate. Then this cavernous, raw, totally inspiring space became available.

Why the Hamptons?

It was happenstance. I had my idea, and the space, which isn’t prohibitively expensive like something similar in Manhattan would be, allowed me to do it.

Anything noteworthy happen so far?

Donna Karan bought a small bronze by Rogan Gregory.

What show’s next?

“Americans in Paris in the ’50’s,” with paintings by Norman Bleuhm and Sam Francis, abstract artists I feel aren’t as recognized as they should be. 

How does your workday break down?

60 percent interiors, 40 percent gallery. This morning I was in Connecticut working on a Stanford White house, and now I’m at the gallery. It’s really all one thing—they work in tandem. 

What’s a favorite piece in your home?

In my apartment, my Amy Sillman gouaches and my vintage Poul Kjaerholm PK61 coffee table. At my beach house, it’s definitely my Laird Hamilton stand-up paddleboard .

Dream design piece to own?

Something by Max Lamb.

Journalism and design—any overlap?

Yes! Both must have a narrative, a through line. They can’t just be gobbledygook. There needs to be rationale for each thing that’s included, whether it’s a sentence or a sofa.

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