September 26, 2018

Jill Malek Launches Dynamic Wall Coverings With Visual Magnetics


Jill Malek has teamed with Brooklyn-based material innovator Visual Magnetics to launch Forces, a collection of magnetic-textile wall coverings conceived with collaborative work spaces in mind. A patented micro-iron coating applied to the backside attract magnets—but not other metallic objects—thus enabling mounting of 3-D objects like accessories. (The wall covering also comes with a center strip of writable dry-erase surface.) “As a designer working in traditional paper and vinyl wall coverings, it’s exciting to explore innovative materials,” Malek says. “The range of applications for Forces is endless!” The domestically produced synthetic material is novel indeed, made entirely of post-consumer content and fully recyclable. Printed on demand, the six graphic patterns—Ferro, Fields, and Magneto among them—are customizable in width and offered in 18 total colorways.


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