October 10, 2019

Joey Zeledón Studio Uses Hangers to Create the Coat Check Chair

Coat Check by Joey Zeledón. Photography by Studio US.

It’s a natural tendency to hang your coat over the back of a chair. But what if a chair offered an actual hanger? Or 72 of them? That’s the thought behind designer Joey Zeledón’s limited-edition, Kickstarter–funded Coat Check chair. Standard Container Store plastic hangers stack onto the custom tubular-steel frame developed with a Pennsylvania manufacturer. “The frame had to be the right width so they could slide off and back on easily,” Zeledón says of the removable hangers, “but not so narrow that they wouldn’t stay put to form a comfortable seat and back.” Available for pre-order, the frame comes in polished steel or six powder-coats and the hangers in 12 colors. 

Coat Check by Joey Zeledón. Photography by Studio US.
Coat Check by Joey Zeledón. Photography by Studio US.

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