March 24, 2016

Jordan Mozer Small-Batch Furniture For Auction at Wright

Eliza’s Big Dark Question table lamp by Jordan Mozer. Photography by Ross Floyd/Wright.

Design mavens will race to their keyboards today at noon, when ten lots of small-batch furniture from Jordan Mozer of Mozer will become available to the highest bidder as part of Wright’s Design auction.

“Our studio is just a couple blocks from Wright,” Mozer says, “and Michael Jefferson (Wright’s senior vice president) and Richard Wright come by the studio every few months to wonder through the thousands of prototypes and samples that have accumulated over thirty years of creating-from-scratch all of the furnishings and lighting for our architectural projects.”

H57 Table Lamps by Jordan Mozer. Photography by Ross Floyd/Wright.

Pieces selected for the auction include the Goose-Guss table, created for Hamburg’s East Hotel and made in Chicago of recycled magnesium-aluminum alloy hand-polished and rubbed with acid, with a Michigan black walnut top. Similar materials punctuate Eliza’s Big Dark Question table lamp, also used at the East Hotel and named after Mozer and his wife Karen’s eldest daughter, who he says “used to ask question after question.” A table created for Chef Michael Cordua’s America’s Restaurant in Houston will also be auctioned—called Creature after Mozer’s nickname for his brother. “If you knew him,” he says, “you’d understand.”

Prototypes of lamps for NYC’s Hotel 57 are also on the slate. “Each of the pieces has a story behind it,” he says. Come high noon on Wednesday, auction winners can make each story their own.

Creature table by Jordan Mozer. Photography by Eliza Mozer.

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