September 16, 2019

Kiasmo Dishes and Tiles Reflect Mediterranean History As Seen Through a Modern Eye

Imagery ranges from abstract graphics to whimsical figuration. Photography by Lea Anouchinsky/Living Inside.

Somewhere at the intersection of artistic handiwork and contemporary
sign lies Kiasmo, an Italian brand launched in 2011. The co-founders—CEO Mauro Melissano, creative director Francesco Maggiore, and designer Vincenzo D’Alba—come from varied disciplines. Accordingly, Kiasmo’s output encompasses myriad genres: architecture, art, design, fashion. Ever conscious of
materiality and local craftsmanship, the trio produces collectible-quality limited-edition objects. A series of dishes and tiles reflect Mediterranean history and culture as seen through a modern eye. Pieces made via a decal technique playfully translate geometric solids into elements such as doors, windows, and labyrinths. Ceramic vases are based on Greco-Roman originals, but with 3-D surfaces and added layers of copper and brass. There are also sculptures, drawings, and T-shirts that reiterate the witty interplay of the classic and the contemporary. 

Vincenzo D’Alba and Mauro Melissano, two of the three co-founders. Photography by Lea Anouchinsky/Living Inside.
The brand’s ceramic plates have evocative names such as Getaway and Dreamer. Photography by Lea Anouchinsky/Living Inside.
Inspiration for contemporary riffs on ancient Greek architecture. Photography by Lea Anouchinsky/Living Inside.
Tiles are made via a decal technique. Photography by Lea Anouchinsky/Living Inside.

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