November 9, 2020

Kimball International Acquires Poppin

Indiana-based Kimball International has announced its acquirement of Poppin, a fast-growing digitally native commercial furniture company, into its portfolio of design driven furnishing manufacturing brands. Poppin CEO and co-founder Randy Nicolau, who will continue to lead his team from New York, says that the partnership is “an important step toward accelerating our growth. It enables us to further our position as a one-stop solution for inspiring workplaces.”

“The addition of Poppin to the Kimball International family provides us with a meaningful growth engine that aligns with our recently-launched 2.0 Connect Strategy,” adds Kimball International CEO Kristie Juster. Juster went on to explain that the acquisition was intended to help the company grow towards becoming “an omnichannel commercial furnishings design powerhouse supported by a robust manufacturing and sourcing infrastructure.” 

With Kimball International’s deep industry and operational expertise now combined with Poppin’s uniquely clever commercial-grade furniture that allows designers to mix, match and scale accordingly, its fresh approach to the direct to consumer market, and network of five showrooms across the county, it’s an acquisition that stakeholders see as poised for success.

A modern office set up furnished by Kimball International. Photography courtesy of Kimball International. 

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