January 31, 2018

Kimball’s Alterna Offers a Holistic Healthcare Solution

Giving designers seamless solutions for healthcare environments is the aim of Alterna, a full-facility furniture collection from Kimball.

A broad spectrum of products—cabinets, lockers, wall panels, work surfaces, lighting—is designed to fit within a variety of settings—clinical, office, learning, public—all while sharing the same stylistic DNA.  

Kimball’s Alterna collection shown in a lounge setting. Photography courtesy of Kimball.

Modular components are easily installed and custom-configured to suit specific environments such as breakrooms, conference spaces, and administrative offices. When needs change, the parts are easily removed and reconfigured.

Cabinets sporting durable laminate finishes are topped with either high-pressure laminate or solid-surface tops, both promising resistance to harsh cleaning agents. Choices abound in hardware and shelving, while functional add-ons include coat rods, sinks, faucets, and backsplashes.

Wall-mounted cabinetry from Kimball’s Alterna. Photography courtesy of Kimball.
An exam room configuration of Kimball’s Alterna. Photography courtesy of Kimball.
Kimball’s Alterna in a breakroom/café application. Photography courtesy of Kimball.
A multipurpose office environment featuring Kimball’s Alterna. Photography courtesy of Kimball.
Kimball’s Alterna cabinets boost privacy and comfort in an infusion room. Photography courtesy of Kimball.

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