July 30, 2019

Kin & Company Introduces Galactic Cascade Mobile

Kira de Paola, who holds a studio art degree, and Joseph Vidich, trained in architecture, looked no further than the family tree when founding their design/fabrication studio Kin & Company—the two are cousins. They’ve quickly become known for sinuous forms with character to spare, as seen in their Cascade mobile. Artfully crafted in Brooklyn, New York, the dangler’s steel arms are finished with a black-oxide patina.

Cascade by Kin & Company. Photography courtesy of Kin & Company.

They hold tight to disc, ring, and half-moon shapes in bronze (muted with a satin coating or tarted up with a rose patina) and heat-treated, polished, or black oxide—finished steel. The resulting form comes in a pleasingly oversize scale—it measures 60 inches across by 105 high. As the designers put it, “Surface textures recall illuminated stars, dusty planet surfaces, or shimmering comet tales.” To the moon!

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