June 30, 2018

Kiss Color-Matching Headaches Goodbye

Interior designers know that color is one of the most important elements of a space; professionals use it to set the emotional tone of a room and create an aesthetic connection between objects. Knowing how to use color is a delicate sensibility that comes from extensive practice and training.

Datacolor’s ColorReader provides industry-leading color matching in an ultra-portable and affordable package. Photography courtesy of Chris Loves Julia, LLC. 

Even though designers have trusted their eyes for decades, recreating the desired color is an exact science that can take multiple attempts to get right. With so many things to remember these days, who has the mental space to know the different names for the same color across the multiplicity of paint brands or even the names and numbers of every color a favored paint brand has ever made?

Thankfully, today’s designers can get a little help from technology. Datacolor’s ColorReader and ColorReaderPRO are compact and portable, with a high-quality optical design for reading color and a Bluetooth connection to a designer’s iOS or Android device. A designer can place the ColorReader against a surface and then press the “read” button on their free ColorReader mobile app to measure the color. The app displays the color name and number across multiple collections from brands like Ace, Behr, Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball, PPG, Sherwin Williams, and many others.

A project by Vicente Wolf, who uses the ColorReader to make informed color-matching decisions faster. Photography courtesy of Vicente Wolf Associates.

“The ColorReader is so easy to use, even for a non-techy like me,” says Vicente Wolf, an Interior Design Hall of Fame member. “I haven’t been able to stop using it to match colors to fabric and wall covering. And it most certainly beats flipping through fandecks in hopes of finding that perfect match.”

ColorReader seamlessly connects to the free companion app for Android and iOS via Bluetooth, delivering color-matching suggestions in just seconds. Photography courtesy of Chris Loves Julia, LLC. 

In addition to saving time and money (and staving off headaches), the ColorReader can also suggest coordinated color schemes. The device can read a color of an object and pull up not just the color of that piece but also complementary shades, which makes building a room’s palette much easier. Those schemes can then be shared via text or email, making the collaborative design process instantaneous.

The device can also be used to find paint matches for objects and furnishings. Photography courtesy of Chris Loves Julia, LLC. 

“We hear time and time again from designers, homeowners, and painters who’ve spent a lot of time and money trying to find the perfect paint to match their color inspiration. In the end, they settled for one that still wasn’t quite right,” says Susan Bunting, director of marketing, consumer solutions at Datacolor. “We understand how important it is for paint and design professionals to be confident with color.”

The ColorReader is redefining the workflow for professionals, allowing them to immediately source colors to complete their vision. Click here to learn more about this time-saving product.

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