April 10, 2017

KnollTextiles Fuses Two Mid-Century Collections Into New Series

Massimo Vignelli’s Cotton Velvet from KnollTextiles. Photography courtesy of Knoll.

In 1947, Florence Knoll adapted a simple menswear pattern for furniture application, and thereby propelled Knoll Associates into the commercial fabric trade. KnollTextiles soon became synonymous with pioneering design, by fostering collaborations and championing color—consider Massimo Vignelli’s Cotton Velvet, launched in 1977 with a whopping 41 options.

Alter Ego, a wool upholstery fabric from KnollTextiles. Photography courtesy of Knoll.

To celebrate the brand’s birthday, creative director Dorothy Cosonas and team scoured 70 years of archives to shape a commemorative series of textural solids. The new offerings are melting pots. For example, separate collections from 1947 and 1965 mutually informed Alter Ego, a wool upholstery fabric woven from multicolored yarns that are washed and combed to produce a multidimensional effect. Choose from 20 colors.

See how the new textiles are made:

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Multicolored yarns are woven, washed, and combed to give Alter Ego a multidimensional effect. Photography courtesy of Knoll.

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