August 27, 2020

Kohler Takes Over DesignTV by SANDOW

Last week, Kohler took over DesignTV by SANDOW for a day packed with discussions about harnessing innovation in challenging times, creating hygienic and sanitary environments, and how looking to the past can help us create design solutions for the future. But that’s not all. Interior Design Editor in Chief Cindy Allen kept the momentum going with a virtual tour of Lee Mindel‘s light-filled home later in the week and a 1on1 with artist Shantell Martin.  

Monday, August 17

Kohler CEO David Kohler shares with Allen insights into how the company adapted and honed new strengths in the midst of the pandemic. “How do we get stronger, but how do we come out better at the end of this?” This question remains top of mind, Kohler said, explaining how the brand approached this challenging time as an opportunity to grow in more ways than one. 

Watch the “1on1” segment with Kohler CEO David Kohler, hosted by Editor in Chief Cindy Allen here:

Next up, Shawn Booth, sanitary design studio manager at Kohler, joined Interior Design Managing Director Helene Oberman to discuss the latest in hygiene technologies. “It’s all the senses, really, they’re all a way for us to get an idea of the space that we’re in and evaluate it… beyond the perceptions though are the things you can’t sense, that’s the underlying need for clean,” explained Booth. 

Watch the “Product Live” segment with Shawn Booth, hosted by Helene Oberman here:

A second Product Live segment followed as Erin Lilly, design studio manager at Kohler, joined Oberman to share insights on trend forecasting as a legacy brand. Part of Kohler’s process involves taking into account multiple socioeconomic indicators as well as historical trends to see how people behave in the present and how their behavior will continue to evolve. “Fixtures that you take for granted in your house are actually informed by previous pandemics or previous health concerns,” noted Lilly. 

Watch the “Product Live” segment with Erin Lilly, hosted by Helene Oberman here:

To cap off Kohler’s DesignTV by SANDOW Takeover, Sara Duffy, principal at Stonehill Taylor, and Dana Morales, senior industrial designer at Kohler, joined Allen to discuss the artisanal magic that happens at every stage of the brand’s Create with Kohler program. “You can come to us and say ‘I have this idea, I have this creative vision about a sink or a lavatory I want to make, can you help me bring it to life?'” notes Morales—the answer, of course, always is yes.  

Watch the “1on1” segment with Sara Duffy and Dana Morales, hosted by Cindy Allen here:

Wednesday, August 19

Later in the week, Allen spoke with esteemed designer Lee Mindel, Interior Design Hall of Fame member and cofounder of SheltonMindel, about the design of his waterside retreat in Long Island’s South Fork. “What brought the painters to the Hamptons was the water and sunsets,” said Mindel. “I wanted to think of the idea as the client, and follow the idea through,” he added, explaining how he approached the design of his home, especially when it came to incorporating natural light. 

Watch the “At Home” segment with Lee Mindel here: 

Monday, August 24

This week on DesignTV by SANDOW, Allen talked with boundary-pushing visual artist Shantell Martin about her multi-faceted career. Martin, who was born in London and also lived in Tokyo, now calls New York City home. “We all have our own path as an artist, but mine has been one of kind of moving from this darker place into a lighter place,” said Martin. “I see a little bit of my job to bring positivity to the world, to bring some honesty in the way that I can through my drawing, through my lines, and through those connections.”  Martin’s recent work “The May Room” is opening soon on Governor’s Island. 

Watch the “1on1” segment with Shantell Martin here: 

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