October 9, 2018

Laced Corners and Revved-Up Color Yield Adrenalina’s Provocative Sly Chair

Manufacturer: Adrenalina

Product: Sly

Standout: Laced-up corners and revved-up color yield a provocative perch.

He was born in Switzerland, but industrial and interior designer Italo Pertichini’s seating collection has, err, ties to Italian tailoring. Witness the corners of the armchair and the loveseat: Hand-laced polyester cord threads between the arms and the seat backs. Bold upholstery options, including velvets and wools from partners Alessandro Bini, Camira, Kvadrat, and Svensson, add to the allure. Available in low- or high-back options, all variations rest on rounded beech legs.

Sly by Adrenalina.
Sly by Adrenalina.
Sly by Adrenalina.

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