June 30, 2015

Laminam® by Crossville’s Porcelain Panels are Larger, Leaner and Stronger

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Sponsored by Crossville

Laminam® by Crossville

‘s large format porcelain panels are larger, leaner, and stronger with a single tile at just 1 meter by 3 meters. Cut it as large—or small—as you like, and tile over your existing tile for an easy remodel. At just 3 to 5.6 millimeters thick, you can be courageous and think bigger about your next project. As its exclusive U.S. distributor, Crossville partners with Laminam, a consolidated System Group company out of Modena Italy, to bring a dramatic new dimension of porcelain tile to American design. With more than 50 colors and finishes, you can elevate any space previously unthinkable in architectural design.

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