May 1, 2019

Leather Makes Everything Better

When it comes to specifying the best materials for residential furnishings, leather has long been a natural choice for designers. This may be due to its historic associations with iconic pieces or its versatility of colors, textures, and styles. Or it may have something to do with the material’s longevity, durability, and ease of maintenance. It’s little wonder leather is specified so frequently and universally loved by designers — it’s the whole package.

Hair on hide rug from The Studio, located in Pike Motorworks lobby in Seattle, Washington. Photography courtesy of The Studio.

Leather’s wide popularity means that designers have a plethora of manufacturers to consider when specifying for commercial and contract spaces, but selecting a provider for a residential project can get a bit tougher. Residential projects are by their nature bespoke, so the quality of the leather is of primary importance. Thankfully, specifiers need not look too far to find the best in the business.

Hair on hide rug from The Studio. Photography courtesy of The Studio.

The Studio, a subsidiary of Tiger Leather, specializes in fashionable, residential-only leather for rugs and custom furniture. They offer hundreds of colors in dozens of styles for high-end homes and other residential spaces. Among their many fashion fortes is hair on hide, bringing a beautiful and intriguing textural element to any design. Hair on hide rugs are ideal for high-traffic areas like foyers and living rooms due to their natural stain resistance and durability.

The Glaze leather collection in Blush, Jam, Blaze, Rocket, and Taffy colors. Photography courtesy of The Studio. 

For designers looking for a pop of color and texture, The Studio now offers Glaze stye leather. Pearlescent and vibrant, the Glaze leathers come in rich jewel tones that capture the eye. The shimmering, water-resistant finish keeps the viewer’s attention on the leather.

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