June 18, 2020

LED Bulbs Take Playful Forms in Beem’s Smile Series

Here’s something happy: Four years ago, industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson and LED specialists Bujar Shkodra and Chris Stimson founded Beem, a company looking to upturn the traditionally staid world of LED bulbs. By taking advantage of newly flexible filaments, their dimmable, low-energy tubes are able to take on playful shapes.

See the three-part Smile series, where a tube of sandblasted borosilicate glass is offered as a deep bend reminiscent of a big grin, a lightly curved smirk, or a solemn straight line. There’s also Curli, its polycarbonate swirl inspired by calligraphic flourishes. The four LED shapes pair effortlessly with the company’s ecosystem of ceramic and powder-coated steel fixtures to become pendants, chandeliers, or table lamps. Through Ameico

“It’s an alternative to a market saturated in retro-industrial bulbs.”

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