May 31, 2017

LightArt’s New Collection Seamlessly Blends Light and Acoustics

Static, a recent introduction by LightArt.

LightArt has debuted a collection that integrates high-performance lighting and sound absorption. Introduced during NYCxDesign at ICFF, the collection’s two fixtures place solutions close to the source of noise for optimal acoustic management.

Static by LightArt.

Static, a beam-shaped LED fixture, joins high-performance two-directional lighting with noise mitigation. The product offers more than 2,000 lumens per foot of up and down lighting.

Static utilizes a micro structure diffuser to eliminate glare and has a 1% dimming standard.
Echo by LightArt.

Echo, a fixture consisting of a series of angled fins, can be used to create a geometric ceiling landscape that’s engineered to absorb sound.

Suitable for educational environments, office spaces, or noisy lobbies, Echo brightens spaces and fosters focus.

Both Static and Echo are ideal for environments where excess sound can easily distract, such as open workspaces, conference rooms, classrooms, and restaurants. The Acoustic collection provides an architectural lighting solution, sound absorption, and natural texture to create a new category of lighting possibilities.

Learn more about the Acoustics Collection.

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