May 4, 2017

Lighting Roundup

Cappuccina lamp by Inga Sempé for Luceplan.

1. Designer:
Inga Sempé for Luceplan.

Product: Cappuccina.

Standout: The fabric-bonded thermoplastic shade slides softly onto the blown-glass globe–and retains its position no matter how rakish the angle.

Cherry Bomb ceiling fixtures by Lindsey Adelman for  Nilufar Gallery.

2. Designer:
Lindsey Adelman for Nilufar Gallery.

Product: Cherry Bomb.

Standout: The New York talent’s latest collection of wall and ceiling fixtures fuses organic shapes with precise elements of industrial production. Mouth-blown glass globes are rolled in 24-karat gold foil and attached to brass supporting hardware.

Elmetta table lamp by Tommaso Caldera for Incipit Lab.

3. Designer:
Tommaso Caldera for Incipit Lab

Product: Elmetta.

Standout: The gently curved wood handle of the lamp allows for easy portability as well as snap adjustments of its painted-aluminum diffuser.

Civilized Primitives lamp by Kiki van Eijk of Kiki + Joost.

4. Designer: 
Kiki van Eijk of Kiki + Joost.

Product: Civilized Primitives.

Standout: Branches gathered near the designer’s Netherlands studio served as models for cast-bronze components, which anodized-aluminum brackets secure.

Brake Lights pendants by Brandon Perhacs of Perhacs Studio.

5. Designer: 
Brandon Perhacs of Perhacs Studio.

Product: Brake Lights.

Standout: A mashup of Brutalist architecture and trillium blossom gave rise to these minimalist powder-coated-aluminum pendants.

Sound 2 sconce by Dimorestudio for Cappellini.

6. Designer:
Dimorestudio for Cappellini.

Product: Sound 2.

Standout: There won’t be trumpets blaring, but there will be light as Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran evoke orchestral elegance via brass tubing.

Knotted table lamp by Rik ten Velden of Studio Rik ten Velden.

7. Designer: 
Rik ten Velden of Studio Rik ten Velden.

Product: Knotted.

Standout: Two sea dogs gave a crash course in knotting techniques, thus enabling the designer to fashion a table lamp from a single length of rope.

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