February 20, 2014

Lighting Trend: Playing With Transparency

Arik Levy’s pendant lamp is notable less for its form than for the clever way that it manipulates color. Each of the fixture’s transparent jar-like elements is tinted a subtle hue that blends harmoniously with the others, revealing new colors as your perspective to the light changes. A bulb inside the white “jar” at the center of the fixture is its sole light source. Jar RGB is available in three- and seven-jar configurations. 

Samuel Wilkinson, who designed the iconic Plumen compact-fluorescent light bulb, drew on new and old manufacturing techniques to create his Blown pendant lamp for the Danish design company &tradition. The lamp’s glass diffuser is first mouth-blown, then formed in a CAD-generated mold that hides its seams within the shade’s pattern. Wilkinson varied the proportions of the motif across the expanse of the shade to create an especially intricate refraction of light. The diffuser comes in transparent gray or sandblasted white.  

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