September 9, 2020

Lily Stockman of Block Shop Opens “Seed, Stone, Mirror, Match” Exhibition in New York

Readers of this magazine 
may well be familiar with Block Shop, the textile studio founded by siblings Hopie 
and Lily Stockman, beloved 
for their Bauhaus-inspired block prints and transparent production processes. Perhaps a more under-the-radar fact 
is that older sister Lily is also 
a prolific abstract painter, 
who studied under Kiki Smith during her MFA and apprenticed in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and Jaipur, India. “I do think I paint like a printmaker,” she says, describing her technique of creating works flat on a saw-horse, building them up layer by layer, using oils and thinning solvents to manipulate opacity. In another instance of overlapping pursuits, her “Seed, Stone, Mirror, Match” opens this fall in New York on the second floor of a former Benjamin Moore & Co. factory from the 1920s. It’s Charles Moffett’s new, larger space, which debuted February 29 but closed two weeks later due to COVID-19. This is the gallery’s first in-person exhibition since the pandemic’s start.

Ajmer Highway, an oil on linen, is among Lily Stockman’s 22 new paintings created during the pandemic lockdown, appearing in “Seed, Stone, Mirror, Match,” at New York’s Charles Moffett gallery through October 18. Photography by Lily Stockman/Charles Moffett.

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