June 2, 2016

LINAK Has Another Way to Use Your Smartphone—To Adjust Your Desk

Adjustable-height desks. Ball chairs. Foot rests. Stationary bikes. There’s no denying that active-working products have been transforming office interiors in recent years. But sometimes the most powerful office tool is the one we can’t see.

The intelligent systems behind LINAK’s parts for adjustable-height desks, worktables, counters, and other workstations target smooth, fast operation that fits in seamlessly with our workflow. Such high performance has a lot to do the close collaboration the Louisville, KY-based manufacturer and supplier shares with its customer base of top manufacturers. Tirelessly following manufacturer feedback helps LINAK laser focus its electric linear actuator systems for higher user comfort and increased adjustability—and informs the legs, frames and controls that LINAK supplies to manufacturers.

Case in point: the launch of the new LINAK BLE 4.0 Desk Control using Bluetooth. We already use our smartphones for more than just phone calls; for better or worse the devices have become vital task hubs that dictate everything from our daily calories consumed to our hourly calendars. Now, the Desk Control app and Bluetooth adapter lets us adjust our desks with our smartphone or tablet.

Let’s break it down. The new Desk Control app features the same functions as a regular LINAK desk panel—but allows you to adjust your office desk via your tablet or your smartphone to do the following. So the next time you’re wondering what’s happening behind all that clean Scandinavian design, here’s what the app can do for your desk:

– Up and down drive

– Displays actual height

– Easy support; displays error codes and links to LINAK website

– 2 memory positions

– Option to enable automatic drive on memory positions

– Works via Bluetooth

– Low Energy Technology

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