October 4, 2017

Luna Textiles’ New Upholstery Covers Take Inspiration From Vintage Street Murals

Luna Textiles’ upholstery covers comes in six colorways.

Amid the crowds and clamor of the Mart, there was a conspicuous absence in the
Luna Textiles
 showroom: Anna Hernandez, the company’s founder, who passed away
last fall. But the comfort of continuity came from her husband,
Interior Design Hall of Fame member Michael Vanderbyl, who shepherded the design team’s development of the season’s latest fabrics.

Boldest of the bunch is Broome, a celebration of street artists like the late Keith Haring, whose murals took New York by storm in the 1980’s. Tough enough for high-traffic environments, the 54-inch-wide upholstery cover is a blend of wool, nylon, and polyester with acrylic backing. Consider six colorways, with citified names like Saint Mark’s (green), Subway (black), and Club 57 (yellow). lunatextiles.com

Broome by Luna Textiles.
Luna Textiles draws inspiration from street murals by artists such as Keith Haring.

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