February 12, 2015

Making A Splash Resources

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Slide 1

Lounge Chairs: Park Life by Kettal


Slide 5

Lounge Chairs: Park Life by Kettal


Slide 8

Carpeting by Galerie B

Yellow Modular Seating: Molecule by La Cidivina

White Side Table: Molecule by La Cidivina

Stools: Molecule by La Cidivina


Slide 9

Carpet Circulation- Designed by Nuel and EGE


Slide 10

Carpet Circulation – Designed by Nuel and EGE

Wallcovering: Printed Canvas by Muzeo

Elettra Armchair by Arflex

Side Table: Designed by Nuel and CAA


Slide 11

Rug: Designed by Nuel and Galerie B

Reception Desk: Design Nuel by CAA

Ceiling Materials: Mirror Finishing by Mirollege


Slide 12

Wallcovering/Paint by CAA


Slide 13

Flooring: Printed Tiles – Designed by Nuel and Vicalvi

Wallcovering: Printed Canvas – Designed by Nuel and Muzeo

Lighting Fixture: Hung Shade – Designed by Nuel and Brossier Saderne

Chair: Cut Chair by La Palma

Antique Chest


Slide 14

Wallcovering: Stretched Canvas by Muzeo

Fabric Panels: Screen by Ami Lenglart

Lighting: Design Nuel by LED C4 

Slide 15

Flooring: Carpet “Excellence” by Desso

Chair: Bridge, Designed Nuel and Ligne Roset Contract

White Stool: Designed Nuel and Editions Perrouin

Light Fixture: Designed Nuel and Brossier Saderne

Curtain by Ami Lenglart


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