March 1, 2018

Mannington Commercial Introduces Moiré, Designed with Artist Gabriel Dawe

This year at NeoCon in the Mart’s North East Corridor, artist Gabriel Dawe will be unveiling his latest installation, “Plexus C22.” Visitors will experience miles of thread in delicate color gradations, shaped by Dawe into a large-scale formation of unique depth and volume that appears to be made out of the spectrum of light. On view with the installation is also the artist’s premier product collaboration: the Moiré Collection. Moiré was designed by Dawe in collaboration with Mannington Commercial.

This collection of modular plank and broadloom is inspired by the experience of Dawe’s artwork. Dawe has described moiré patterns as inherent to his art: as viewers move around his installations, the layered threads and shifts in color create rippling patterns and new perceptions of form.

With the Moiré Collection, Dawe and Mannington celebrate the creative possibility of the moiré effect. The collection is crafted to help designers give artistic energy and a dynamic sense of color and light to their spaces. Moiré’s modular plank and broadloom feature shifting designs that emerge from the interplay of color, light and pattern. Styles explore light-and color-filled dimension as well as the movement-filled nature of the moiré effect. With flooring from the Moiré Collection, designers can bring new forms of dimensional beauty to their spaces, with dynamic patterning and an artistic exploration of color.

Visitors to NeoCon are invited to experience the wonder of “Plexus C22” by Gabriel Dawe, and to experience the Moiré Collection in full at the Mannington showroom, space #1039, and

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