March 10, 2017


Stepping Stone steel table by Jeffrey Braun Furniture.

Stepping Stone’s top comes in steel, wood, solid surfacing, or upholstery.

Jeffrey Braun Furniture.

Product: Stepping Stone.

Standout: Stepping Stone, despite its name, is most definitely a table. The steel body, offered in a range of powder-coated finishes, is weighty enough to hold its own, whether planted in a bustling retail setting or a rambunctious living room. The 24-inch top comes in steel, wood, solid surfacing, or upholstery; the hollow interior accommodates various power and USB options.

Dining table by Schema through Oggetti.

Schema, through Oggetti.

Product: Dining.

Standout: The Philippine manufacturer employs its signature material, galvanized iron, in the base of its sharp glass-top Dining table. Conceived  by Kalikasan Crafts for Schema, the table comes in a black or dark-gray finish and measures approximately 77 by 44 inches across and 30 high. Ask about the matching console.

Empire folding screen by Munna.


Product: Empire.

Standout: Sérgio Mendes evokes elegant Art Deco with Empire, his folding screen for the Portuguese maker. Plywood panels padded in fire-resistant polyurethane foam can be upholstered in an array of fabrics or leathers. Secured by gold-leaf metal brackets, the screen extends to 83-1/2 inches wide, with the tallest panels reaching 79.

Ada mirrored screen by Hao Wai.

r: Hao Wai.

Product: Ada.

Standout: The detail is pared down and functionality ramped up in Ada, Luke Wong’s minimalist mirrored screen framed in solid oak with hinges of blackened steel. With each panel at a 90-degree angle, the screen measures 44 inches wide, 16 deep, and 84 high. Custom sizes and alternative wood and metal finishes are also available.

Mandala tables by B. Pila Design.

B. Pila Design.

Product: Mandala.

Standout: Creative director Gabriela Noelle collaborated with photographer Javier Gomez on Mandala, a family of tables celebrating nature’s vibrancy. Selections from Gomez’s Flora Fractalis series are embedded in 11-1/2 inch transparent acrylic tabletops, which rest on X-shape bases. Choose a height of 17-3/4 or 19-1/4 inches.

Vela glass screens by Arflex.


Product: Vela.

Standout: Some see life through rose-colored glasses–in the case of the Vela glass screens by Bernhardt & Vella, you’ll be looking through blue, peach, and green. The pastel tones of the transparent panels are meant to mingle and cast multicolored shadows. The 71-inch-tall freestanding unit measures 31-1/2 by 39-3/4.

The original carpet design that inspired Vantot’s Passage collection.

Table from the Passage collection by Vantot.


Product: Passage collection.

Standout: Vantot, aka Eindhoven-based designers Sam van Gurp and Esther Jongsma, have added to their Passage collection, which now encompasses side tables, tabletop “plateaus,” a room divider, and the original carpet design that started it all. While referencing the age-old technique of intarsia, the laser-cut plywood patterns read throughly modern. Motifs appear to move as the user changes perspective, causing a vertiginous trick of the eye.

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