May 16, 2017

Marcin Rusak Surfaces Furniture by Suspending Florals in Resin

Marcin Rusak’s furnishings, including the Flora Large Table, are showcased at Twenty First Gallery in New York. Image courtesy of Marcin Rusak Studio.

Marcin Rusak‘s collection of nature-inspired furniture at Twenty First Gallery in New York, originally launched with a Flora Noir exhibition in May 2017, features furnishings that Rusak surfaced with florals suspended in resin.

Flora Screen by Marcin Rusak. Image courtesy of Marcin Rusak Studio.

The son and grandson of flower growers, Rusak has long drawn inspiration from greenery. “My childhood playground was a glasshouse,” he says. He started investigating florals more closely during his graduate studies at London’s Royal College of Arts, where he developed a process of printing discarded flower petals directly onto silk textiles.

Inside New York’s Twenty First Gallery, exhibiting works by Marcin Rusak. Photography by Eileen Travell.

Translating his textile patterns onto furniture was a natural step for Rusak, who starts by hand-picking greenery and flower petals. He then suspends these organics in resin or binds them with shellac, resin, and beeswax, which slows the aging process. “This leads to two avenues,” Rusak says. “I either slice up the resin slabs into strips that form a dynamic pattern, or present a unified surface that evokes a painting.”

Detail shot of florals suspended in resin, which surfaces Rusak’s furnishings. Photography by Eileen Travell.

New introductions to Rusak’s oeuvre include a desktop sculpture, a console, and a wall light that join desktop lamps, a circular dining table, and a freestanding partition. Rusak exhibited the latter objects in early 2017 at Maison & Objet Paris, where he received the prestigious Rising Talent Award with other up-and-comers such as Studio Swine and Sebastian Cox.

Marcin Rusak in his London studio. Photography by Pim Top.

Check out Rusak’s Flora works at Twenty First Gallery in New York.

Flora Table Lamp by Marcin Rusak. Image courtesy of Marcin Rusak Studio.

Flora Low Table by Marcin Rusak. Image courtesy of Marcin Rusak Studio.

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