August 9, 2017

Maria Jeglinska

In 2010, Maria Jeglinska established the Office for Design & Research. An ECAL industrial design graduate and former student of Pierre Charpin and Ronan Bouroullec, the Warsaw-based designer has focused on an impressive range of commissions and research-oriented projects, covering furniture, accessories, writing, filmmaking, exhibition design, and curation.

Now, “Arrêt sur image” provides an illuminating view into the designer’s work and creative process. “Despite design’s popularization, people have very little knowledge of how things are made and the time needed to achieve a final product,” says Jeglinska, “I hope they get a glimpse of it.”

The showcase presents three walls as unique and connected “stills of an emerging sequence,” each one exploring a side of practice: design, research, and drawing. Jeglinska presents design work at various stages of production against a chromagreen wall—selected for its use in special effects—that nods to a designer’s ability to visualize contextual possibilities that surround and contribute to any given design.

This area against the wall features many of her most prominent products and designs including Little Black, Drawn Objects, The Faces of Autor for Autor Rooms, the Circles Collection and Goodie for Ligne Roset as well as several others. Behind it, a short film with subtitles showcases her studio space, exhibition designs, and other curated projects. The sequence is being crafted into an accompanying publication. The third wall displays several large drawings which give Jeglinska space to think without any production limitations or constraints.

The exhibition will be on display through September 24th. Beginning on June 30th, the exhibition is featured at Design Parade 12 at villa Noailles in Hyères in the south of France.

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