January 16, 2015

Behind the Award-Winning Work of Mark Zeff

Mark Zeff
Mark Zeff, courtesy of Markzeff.


Location: New York, NY.

Bio: Mark Zeff, founder and president of Markzeff approaches each project, from luxury yachts to the development of global brands to revolutionary hospitality ventures, with a holistic design methodology that embodies its natural fusion philosophy. With innovation as its bedrock, Mark Zeff delivers cutting edge design with an eye for elegance and style. Over the last 30 years, Markzeff has evolved from a residential design firm into one of the nation’s leading multi-disciplinary boutique design agencies.

Zeff believes the attention to detail given to its private residential clients is essential to its success and is a characteristic the firm has maintained throughout its evolution. Mark began his career in the United States in residential design, creating homes for clients including Hilary Swank, Annie Leibovitz and Gabriel Bryne among others. The strength and range of the firm’s residential projects laid the groundwork for its expansion into commercial design and branding. The firm has been involved with a number of mixed-use development and master planning projects including the recently announced project with Hilton Worldwide, for their latest global hotel brand, Canopy.

Completed Projects:

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