June 1, 2014

Marvin B. Affrime: 1986 Hall of Fame Inductee

Marvin B. Affrime

A master at executing his design concepts in broad strokes while simultaneously interweaving quality detailing, Marvin B. Affrime, for more than 30 years, led his firm to prominence in the corporate design field. He was a graduate of the University of Illinois with a BFA/Architectural degree and the founder/president of The Space Design Group, New York.

Among completed projects generally well-known, and to this magazine’s readers specifically, are the 620,000-square-foot world headquarters for International Paper Company, 1st American Bank of Virginia, Benton & Bowles advertising agency and the 18-floor Manhattan offices of Westminster National Bank USA. Other installations of note include the banking hall and executive offices for the Philadelphia National Bank, the Johns-Manville complex near Denver, Colorado, the 360,000-square-foot facility for BBDO Worldwide and a second headquarters building for 1st American Bank of Virginia.

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