September 4, 2020

Matthew McConaughey Helps Lincoln Remain Calm

Lincoln is collaborating with mental fitness app Calm. Photography courtesy of Lincoln Motor Company.

Crazy times call for calming solutions—and the Lincoln Motor Company has two. First, the design-centric Detroit automaker announced it’s too-cool Monochromatic Package for its full line up of SUVs—the Navigator, Corsair, Nautilus and Aviator. And now it’s releasing its collaboration with mental fitness app Calm with the help of Hollywood’s chillest leading man, Matthew McConaughey.

The longtime Lincoln spokesperson spearheaded a virtual meditation and panel discussion about the growing importance of mindfulness and overall well-being. With the sense of sanctuary and well-being a core of the Lincoln brand, it is now offering its North America clients a one-year complimentary premium membership to meditation app Calm. Having tested the program for more than a year, Lincoln introduced the initiative to help ease stress in navigating with the panel that included Goop’s Chief Content Officer Elise Loehnen, Lincoln North America Director Michael Sprague, Calm Head of Mindfulness Tamara Levitt, and neuroscientist, artist, and mindfulness meditation guide Nkechi Deanna Njaka.“This collaboration, a first of its kind in automotive, is another way for us to offer something personal to our clients—a sense of calm, balance and rejuvenation so they can focus on what matters most,” Sprague says.

The automaker’s North America clients will receive a one-year complimentary membership. Photography courtesy of Lincoln Motor Company.

Last year, Lincoln and Calm offered the premium membership to select clients and consumers in a pilot program tested across multiple cities. Among 1,500 consumers surveyed, 97 percent said they found the Lincoln and Calm mindfulness experience to be positive. “The one gift that we can all give ourselves is a moment to help us find our balance,” McConaughey says. “Life is certainly stressful enough these days, so whether it’s being more mindful, taking five minutes for yourself before the drive home to decompress after a long day, or just being kinder, continue to look after yourself and those around you.”

That power of sanctuary has also been extended from the inside out with Lincoln’s Monochromatic Package, which debuted on the flagship Lincoln Navigator and now expands to the Corsair, Nautilus and Aviator. “The monochromatic palette is clean, uncluttered and emphasizes beautiful lines,” Lincoln chief exterior designer Earl Lucas says.

A Lincoln Navigator sporting the company’s new Monochromatic Package. Photography courtesy of Lincoln Motor Company.

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