March 23, 2016

Mauro Lipparini’s Bold Sketches Infuse Possibility into Furniture for Casa International

Characterized by bold, punchy colors and decisive, striking lines, designer Mauro Lipparini’s sketches in chalk, charcoal, and wax crayon speak volumes about the final products they represent. Revealed in tandem with the first 35 pieces of his Italia furniture collection for Casa International, Lipparini’s drawings dispel any limitations or preconceptions about his products and assign a strong character through colors and bold lines. 

“Since the collection includes such an extensive range of materials and textures, I did not want any given piece to be limited by one palette,” explains Lipparini. “Instead, I chose to focus on the inner-workings and core design. I wanted to be able to freely assemble each piece of loose furniture as if a tangram puzzle, capable of being recombined in near-endless solutions. This allowed for more creativity and flexibility during the design process, which resulted in an assortment of pieces.”

Inspired by the essence of Mediterranean living, Lipparini uses a natural, sophisticated palette, elegant comfort and beautiful, natural materials, employing the level of craftsmanship endemic to both Turkey and Italy. For Lipparini, sketching acts as a tool to bring the unique essence of the collection to life and to create an emotional and personal connection to his furniture pieces.

“I sketched the Pilone bookshelves as if a stave of music speckled with daring colors, the distinct frame of the Cosia sideboard as a strong, bold colored line and Vulcano’s pentagon top as a tangram revitalized with color,” describes Lipparini. “I don’t think those forms would have come to life as beautifully or as organically if I had initially visualized them with digital tools.”

Propelled by his design process, Lipparini will unveil additional 15 pieces to the Italia collection during Salone del Mobile Milano next month.

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