July 1, 2016

Maya Romanoff Wallcoverings’ Acoustical Properties

Designer: Rockwell Group. Product: Cozy.

Chicago-based manufacturer Maya Romanoff‘s luxury wallcoverings impact more than just a space’s appearance; they also feature hidden acoustical benefits. With a varied palette encompassing everything from paulownia wood and aluminum tiles to woven hemp, the brand’s dynamic new materials resist everyday wear and tear and leverage acoustics to elevate the overall atmosphere of a space.

Designer: Daniel Shapiro. Product: Blanket Zig Zag.

These qualities spring to life in Maya Romanoff’s Blanket Yarn & Stitch and Blanket Zig Zag series of woven wool wallcoverings designed by David Rockwell. The Interior Design Hall-of-Famer’s product takes advantage of wool’s acoustical muffling capabilities, making it suitable for meeting rooms, restaurants, nurseries, and headboard walls alike. The brand will unveil Cozy, a cost-effective printed poly-wool line by Rockwell, at the Boutique Design Trade Fair in New York this November.

Designer: d-ash design. Product: Blanket Yarn & Stitch.

Designer: Robert Bowen. Product: Ajiro Chevron.

For spaces that demand hard surfacing, Maya Romanoff’s contemporary wood veneer wallcoverings offer cost-effective, sustainable solutions. The Ajiro series uses only a fraction of a piece of wood, resulting in a thin and flexible material that makes for a seamless installation. Ajiro’s various patterns capture and reflect light, infusing spaces with newfound brightness and enthusiasm. Interior Design awarded the Art Deco–inspired Ajiro Fanfare veneer the 2015 Best of Year award in wallcovering.

Product: Ajiro Fanfare.

Product: Flexi Mother of Pearl Mosaic.

The company’s contemporary tile surfacing materials present an alternative way to create a lively atmosphere. The Mother of Pearl collection, an Interior Design Best in 10 award winner, features capiz shells that help amplify sound, allowing designers to create nuanced acoustical environments. For long-term durability, the hand-patinaed True Metals infuses any interior with a distinct metallic luster. The stain-resistant tiles are also easy to install, even on tricky surfaces like columns and corners.

Designer: Joyce Wang. Product: True Metals Basketweave.

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