June 29, 2015

MCX Matter: 5 Inventive Mesh Materials

Connect with the most inventive new meshes and links from the Material ConneXion library:

1. Material: Scale Mesh.
Manufacturer: Promesh.
Composition: Aluminum.
Standout: Chain mail, typically confined to protective gear, is gaining favor as an architectural accent, thanks to a flexible layer of scales.

2. Material: Montana.
Manufacturer: Haver & Boecker.
Composition: Stainless steel.
Standout: The support layer shines lustrously through the woven three-dimensional face, boosting the reflectivity factor overall.

3. Material: Architected Lattice.
Manufacturer: Architected Materials.
Composition: Acrylate-based photopolymer.
Standout: One of the lightest-weight materials, the matrix still provides impact and blast protection while improving acoustics.

4. Material: Alumide.
Manufacturer: Electro Optical Systems.
Composition: Polyamide-coated aluminum powder.
Standout: Laser-sintering transforms this composite into objects that demand a metallic look but can be machined and sanded, polished, or coated.

5. Material: Charley Bravo.
Manufacturer: Twentinox.
Composition: Spiral wire.
Standout: This intricate cladding comes in bronze, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, silver, or gold, all with a matte or glossy finish.

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