March 31, 2016

MCX Matter: 6 New Materials That Multitask with Ease

Whether slick synthetics or cozy naturals, the library’s newest materials multitask with ease. 

1. Material: Designs FRP Panels from Crane Composites.

Composition: Fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

Standout: A continuous laminating process bonds fiberglass pieces to polyester resin, forming panels that resist moisture, mold or mildew, and mild chemicals.

2. Materials: Ecopanel Décor and AcouSoft from Feltech Manufacturing.

Composition: Thermo-bonded PET.

Standout: Choose solids, geometrics, faux wood grains, or stone effects for these impact-resistant acoustical panels, suitable for multi-use or walls.

3. Material: Alpilignum from Alpi.

Composition: Reconstituted wood.

Standout: Forest Stewardship Council–certified logs are rotary-skinned to yield thin layers for bonding into fully customizable blocks, minimizing waste and labor.

4. Process: GB Mesh from GB Light.

Composition: Glass and polymers.

Standout: Tiny beads are laminated between mesh and a solid backing to form retro-reflective textiles that can be customized with colors, patterns, or graphics.

5. Material: Graffiti Shield.

Composition: PET.

Standout: Self-adhesive film simulates metallic, mirrored, or glass finishes while remaining impervious to defacement, even acid-based etching techniques.

6. Materials: Grit Curve and Grit Line by Naturtex.

Composition: Wool felt and waxed cotton.

Standout: Circles or squares, woven or stitched from shoelaces and backed with felt, combine to create floor coverings that resist both heavy abrasion and fire.

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