June 5, 2015

MCX Matter: 7 Materials for Conductivity and Shielding


Read all about the latest materials in conductivity and shielding. Then get more information on these products at materialconnexion.com.

1. Material: Luminous fabric.
Manufacturer: LumiGram.
Composition: Fiber optic strands and textile yarns.
Standout: Woven into fabric along the weft, strands produce a composite that emits light wherever bent but can still stand up to hot-water washing

2. Material: Electric Paint.
Manufacturer: Bare Conductive.
Composition: Conductive carbon, resin, and humectant.
Standout: This water-based conductive paint can create graphic circuits on various materials—perhaps giving an extra charge to greeting cards.

3. Material: Ness.
Manufacturer: Design LED Products.
Composition: LEDs, silver ink, and polymer.
Standout: Between ultrathin polymer sheets, printed silver ink connects geometrically arranged LEDs first to one another, then to a power source.

4. Material: Ditra-Heat.
Manufacturer: Schluter Systems.
Composition: Heating cables, polypropylene, and woven fabric.
Standout: A waterproof warming system can be placed under tile, without clips or fasteners, so there’s no discernable change in floor height.

5. Material: Ynvisible Printed Electrochromic Display.
Manufacturer: YD Ynvisible.
Composition: An electrode, electro-chromic ink, and polyester film.
Standout: Printed on polyester film sandwiching an electrode layer, reactive ink changes color when an electric charge is applied.

6. Material: Soric EMS.
Manufacturer: Lantor.
Composition: Copper mesh and nonwoven polyester.
Standout: Embossed hexagons act as an electromagnetic shielding membrane, which is as yielding as fabric but still blocks radiation.

7. Material: Temperature Inks.
Manufacturer: CTI.
Composition: Dye and developing agent.
Standout: These inks, clear or neutral at chosen temper­atures, change color when heated or cooled, as the dye and developing agent separate or coagulate.

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