December 30, 2015

Meet Link, a Modular Partition Fabricated by FilzFelt

In seeking your heart’s desire, you’d do well to first look close to home. At Gensler Los Angeles, the red glass–encased Figueroa conference room was stunning—from the outside. Inside, however, the intensity of the color, combined with sunlight, proved a bit overwhelming; ditto the sound bouncing off the glass. The solution came from design director Sabu Song, who collaborated with former colleague Marisol Mejia on Link, a modular partition fabricated by FilzFelt. Wool-felt panels perforated in patterns inspired by nearby Maguire Gardens reduce glare to just a dapple. And because the panels are customizable, they can grow from small privacy screens to full-room dividers. Panels measuring 6 by 6¼ inchesand offered in 63 standard colors plus custom hueseasily attach to a track system or hang from Velcro or grommet fasteners. 

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