April 6, 2016

Meet the Lighting Luminaries Who Are Redefining Quality and Design

Hudson Valley is about more than just lighting; they’re about a lifestyle. Since 1985, Hudson Valley Lighting® has designed and built beautiful fixtures for people who put quality first and understand the lasting value of a well-made fixture. “It’s not enough for an object to look great; it must be made to last for future generations to appreciate it.” This is the guiding mantra and mission of Hudson Valley Founder and President David Littman.

Hudson Valley’s goal is to make a space look absolutely incredible by always delivering the very best fixture they can. With over 150 collections in their catalog, Hudson Valley’s expansive product line includes chandeliers, pendants, sconces and flush mounts to suit virtually any residential, commercial or hospitality project – and make any design vision a reality.

From their New York-based headquarters, Hudson Valley’s in-house team creates unique and original fixture designs, spanning in style from historic to artisan, transitional to contemporary. Their creations put a modern spin on traditional styles through the use of unexpected materials, exquisite detailing, fine finishes, hand-forged metals and strong craftsmanship.

Each year, Hudson Valley makes new artistic and design breakthroughs by outdoing their previous year’s collection – and this year is no exception. For their 2016 release, Hudson Valley is offering original families in a new combination of textured black and plated finishes, colorful blown glass inspired by Paris flea markets, their first use of rock crystal and a new finish, Modern Bronze/Brass, which offers a warm tone for many industrial-type designs. Other fixtures mix traditional and modern materials, including multi-tiered polished glass rods, handcrafted glass and beveled glass mirrors.

Quality, beauty, and value are more than goals; they are what Hudson Valley Lighting does better than anyone else in the business. Explore more at www.hudsonvalleylighting.com.

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