April 23, 2016

Michele Oka Doner’s Work Takes Over Miami

Michele Oka Doner has come full circle. The artist and author was born in Miami Beach, left for undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Michigan, and now resides mostly in downtown Manhattan. But she’s returned to her origins in a big way. Through September 11, the Pérez Art Museum Miami is hosting a career-spanning exhibition of 37 works titled “Michele Oka Doner: How I Caught a Swallow in Midair.” Flight was central to another of her recent endeavors in the city: designing the costumes and sets for the Miami City Ballet’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Her first commission of the sort, Oka Doner took cues from the surroundings. “I set it in South Florida, underwater,” she says of the aquatic theme. Indeed, her work’s trademark ethereality and connection to nature rose to new heights.

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