February 1, 2016

Miguel Correia

Miguel Correia, courtesy of FAT—Future Architecture Thinking. 

Firm : FAT—Future Architecture Thinking

Location : Lisbon, Portugal. 

Bio : Miguel Correia was born in Lisbon in February of 1961. In 1987 he earned a degree in Architecture from the Faculdade de Belas-Artes at Lisbon’s University. Between 1979 and 1982 he studied Civil Engineering. Following graduation, Miguel Correia initiated his professional activity with two other architects in a small firm. In 1983 he had the opportunity to work with Terry Farrell and, through him, with several british firms. This marked a period of intense learning. In this professional context he carried out rehabilitation projects (Alcântara Maritime Station and Rossio Train Station) and infrastructure and planning projects (Barreiro Terminal and Lisbon’s Waterfront Masterplan). He also participated in national and international (Oriente Station, Macau’s Cultural Center and Expo’98 Masterplan Competition). Miguel Correia is the author of three books including a historic retrospective about the importance of the work of builders in Lisbon in the XX century and two monographs.

Miguel Correia leads his team at the firm FAT—Future Architecture Thinking and maintains professional associations with several European architects (Norman Foster, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Marc Rolinet, Ricardo Bofill). Between 2002 and 2004 he was one of Lisbon’s City Hall consultants for the regional master plan.

At present moment, Miguel Correia develops projects across the country and abroad, including in Hungary, Northern Ireland, Estonia, Brazil, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Philippines and Macau, which represent the internationalization of his work.

Completed Projects :

Sand and Surf: CA House by Robert Kerr and Hailey Soren

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