June 1, 2020

Mohawk Group’s Fresh Take On Contemporary Plaid

Coordinating “Patterned Past” has an understated design featuring a gridded mesh-like pattern with overlapping lines and pin dots. Image courtesy of Mohawk Group

From the Scottish highlands to the modern American home, plaid has been a style staple for decades. A seemingly simple pattern, the checks come in a variety of color palettes and the line-work boasts detailed and different configurations where this classic design is applied. Staying true to the methods of the original textile weavers, one company has created a carpet line that is both timeless and modern, time-honored and refined.

A diagram that explains the hand-weaving process. Image courtesy of Mohawk Group. 

The Pattern & Symmetry collection is crafted in Eden, North Carolina, at Mohawk Group’s historic Karastan weaving mill. The plant’s artisanal heritage and presence within the Eden community spans more than nine decades of carpet and rug manufacturing. “Woven is really where our story first started and we are honored to be able to continue to build on that rich tradition,” Jackie Dettmar, vice president of design and product development, Mohawk Group says about their latest Living Product.

Collection style “Rustic Plaid” has a bold graphic owing to the construction methods of the weaving loom, where linear patterns are rendered with clarity and precision. Image courtesy of Mohawk Group

Manufactured according to International Living Future Institute standards that ensures a net positive impact for people and the environment as a Living Product, Pattern & Symmetry is also built to last. The weaving process creates a structure whereby backing and face yarns become one, delivering a hardy construction denser than traditional soft surfaces. The Heathered Hues yarn system that gives styles Rustic Plaid and Patterned Past their warm, wool-like essence is dematerialized for a low environmental impact. Additionally, no water is used in the yarn’s production.

Inspired by the hand-tailored textiles for men’s and women’s clothing of the 20th century, these timeless plaids are impeccably reimagined for today’s commercial interiors. Image courtesy of Mohawk Group. 

Suitable for higher-end corporate environments, from workplace C-suite to law firms to retail and beyond, Pattern & Symmetry offers a fresh, contemporary take on plaid in two scales. The collection features precise and tailored linear flat weaves evocative of textiles manufactured for fashion. In addition to a wall-to-wall installation, all styles can be bound into floating area rugs to inject warmth and define spaces in commercial interiors.

The carpet system in a luxury retail setting. Image courtesy of Mohawk Group.


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