February 20, 2016

Molly Anderson Coralls Impressive Talent for Foreign Accents Rugs

Founded in 1984 and sold two years ago, rug maker Foreign Accents is clearly in safe hands—specifically those of the owners’ daughter-in-law. As design manager, Molly Anderson continues to corral an impressive stable of talent for new patterns in handwoven or hand-tufted wool.

On the abstract side of things, colorful triangles fan out in Perspective by Eloise Renouf, and freeform shapes rotate, one on top of another, in Spin by Karen Graveline and Seth Kaiser. Children’s blocks informed the geometry of This Way by Betsy Lord and Miriam Rivela. With Sundae, a colorful composition by Renouf, imagine strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream and sprinkles. As for Arcade, it’s Carmen Huluba’s nod to a very ’80’s phenomenon, video games.

Each rug is made in India, in standard and custom sizes.

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