October 4, 2016

Mosa Tiles Help Revive Two Historic Homes

Tiles from Mosa’s Terra Maestricht Collection adorn the kitchen of a converted London water tower. Photography courtesy of ACR Architects. 

Dutch tile manufacturer Mosa has been supplying high-profile designers worldwide with technologically advanced porcelain tiles for over 130 years. The company maintains a consistent track record of responsible design and production, setting a high bar for eco-friendly architectural tile solutions. Each Mosa collection has gained full Cradle to Cradle® Silver certification—a benchmark in the tile industry—and the company contributes to sustainable building initiatives.

Mosa’s team of 10 in-house designers crafts each tile to the highest standard, using techniques to ensure its durability and versatility. Suitable for flooring, wallcovering, and exterior surfacing, each collection provides understated elegance. Two recent case studies exemplify Mosa’s commitment to sustainability, superb functionality, and refined aesthetics, with a common theme of repurposing beautiful older structures into homes that fit a modern lifestyle.

Tiles from Mosa’s Terra Maestricht Collection also distinguish the bathroom. Photography courtesy of ACR Architects.

The first project, an abandoned Grade II-listed water tower near central London, is a 19th-century architectural remnant left untouched until this year. ACR Architects converted the decrepit interior into a spacious, contemporary abode suitable for a young couple, a process he/she describes as an “uphill battle.”

A view inside the Grade-II listed structure in London. Photography courtesy of ACR Architects.

The renovated monument now boasts four bedrooms, a gym, and spacious bathrooms, all illuminated by natural light that pours through sweeping floor-to-ceiling windows. Mid-gray porcelain tiles from Mosa’s Terra Maestricht collection adorn the kitchen and bathrooms, creating a relaxed atmosphere infused with cosmopolitan elegance typical of a London flat. The owners requested to install the same collection on their rooftop terrace. “It was a struggle choosing all the right materials, but in the end, the porcelain tiles fit in perfectly.”

Mosa’s Ultragres Terra XXL tiles anchor an estate in Southern France. Photography courtesy of Gil Percal Architecte.

In the second project, a rural estate in Southern France, architect Gil Percal unified several adjacent historic farmhouses into a sleek, modern construction. Inside, an open-plan living and dining area—entirely covered with 36-inch square mid-gray tiles from Mosa’s Ultragres Terra XXL collection—enjoys a panoramic vista of an outdoor pool and terrace. Percal forged a seamless transition from the interior to exterior by cladding the outdoor terrace with tiles from Mosa’s Exterior Flooring Collection, identical in dimension and color to those inside.

Mosa’s Exterior Flooring Collection clads the outdoor terraces. Photography courtesy of Gil Percal Architecte.

Tiles from Mosa’s Terra Maestricht Collection in anthracite tone line the pool. Photography courtesy of Gil Percal Architecte.

Percal incorporated Mosa tiles throughout the rest of the residence to achieve visual uniformity; details include porcelain treads from the Terra XL collection that adorn a stairway. Anchoring the pool house are 12-inch square tiles from the Ultragres Terra Maestricht collection in anthracite tone. “The different collections of tiles by Mosa imbue the pure ceramic floors with a certain mineral quality, striking the perfect harmony between three contemporary materials—glass, metal, and wood—found on the stone walls of the old construction,” Percal adds. The result is a successful symbiosis between past and present.

Tiles from Mosa’s Terra XL Collection adorn staircase treads. Photography courtesy of Gil Percal Architecte.

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