Moss and Lam’s Étranger

Moss and Lam Debuts Sculpture for Ciot’s Brooklyn Hub

Deborah Moss and her firm Moss and Lam have turned a Rio ceiling into a Canadian flag made of suspended canoes and paddles, and a sculptural staircase into a lighter-than-air unfurling of gradient blue for the Four Seasons Dubai. For New York City’s first multifunctional space from natural stone specialist Ciot, however, she went for something much earthier. 

“The first time I entered the first Ciot showroom in Toronto years ago, I experienced a new, unorthodox way of importing and distributing stone slabs, that infused divertissement in the home décor business,” Moss says. “I always knew I wanted to collaborate with them in a special way”.

The result, designed in collaboration with Bando x Seidel Meersseman, is a marvel: in the reception area of Ciot’s 35,000 square-foot hub, complete with a galleria and bar in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Étranger descends a steep 15 feet from a stainless cable. Handmade of resin, silica, stone fragment, and metal mesh, the sculpture seems caught between lava and the precious rock Ciot hones to perfection.

“We’ve always been a fan of Deborah Moss’ imagination and sensibility,” says Ciot New York VP Kay Nolan. “So it was a natural fit.” The sculpture inaugurates an ongoing series of collaborations between Ciot and fine artists and designers, furthered by a show of Moss and Lam furniture including their Frammento coffee tables and Memento, a custom mosaic-covered slab. Visitors inspired to create their own custom mosaic and slab furnishings can sketch them out at the bar, then turn them into reality at the Ciot Studios after selecting the marble from the vast tree-lined warehouse nearby. “Ciot’s vocation and commitment to the interior design world is something unique,” Moss says. As is her Étranger.

Former warehouse
Ciot gutted and reconfigured the warehouse, which served as headquarters for the machinery manufacturers E.W. Bliss from the mid-1880s to the early 1900s.
Platforms for raw stone alternate with examples of finished products.
Moss and Lam’s Étranger
Moss and Lam’s Étranger suspends from a steel cable at reception.
Bamboo tables and grey porcelain floor tiles
Bamboo tables and grey porcelain floor tiles define co-working and meeting spaces.
A Grigio Orobico desk and Sydney marble feature
A Grigio Orobico desk and Sydney marble feature column greet visitors.
feature wall
A feature wall off the gallery displays raw slabs of stone.
Moss and Lam’s Nido tables
Moss and Lam’s Nido tables are offered as a side or coffee table, or console, in metal and marble in black or white.
Ciot Studios' custom mosaics
Ciot Studios offers examples of custom mosaics, installed around a table of Grigio Orobico.