April 22, 2017

Nature Photographer Paul Nicklen to Open NYC Gallery on Earth Day

 Polar Reflection (Baffin Islands) by Paul Nicklen.

On Earth Day, photographer Paul Nicklen will open a fine-art gallery in SoHo, New York. A National Geographic contributor, marine biologist, and Instagram star, Nicklen travels to the ends of the earth—Antarctica included—to capture wildlife in their natural habitats. His extraordinary images depict species rarely seen up close. Though the animals tend to steal the show, the pristine environments these creatures occupy are equally enticing in his work. The vibrant hues and rich textures of the landscapes hint at a more political undertone: the imminent risk that these environments face.

Nicklen’s first gallery, which will be located at 347 West Broadway, confronts that risk with a fundraising mission. A significant portion of the proceeds will go to SeaLegacy, a nonprofit that seeks to raise awareness about conservation. Though Nicklen is the first artist to display work at the space, subsequent exhibitions will feature other ecologically minded artists.

The gallery will open to the public on Saturday, April 22.

Two Penguins on Ice by Paul Nicklen.

Penguins Split by Paul Nicklen.

The Long Summer’s Wait by Paul Nicklen.

Snorkeling Bear by Paul Nicklen.

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