January 26, 2017


Re-vive lounger by Formway Design Studio.

The company’s bestselling leather Re-vive lounger by New Zealand’s Formway Design Studio became a blank canvas for art by three surface designers, with the results showcased at this year’s London Design Festival. Camille Walala made her neo-Memphis pattern with vinyl stencils; Eley Kishimoto hand painted retro repeats; and Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham of Patternity printed a marbled design onto leather. And at the event itself, each team executed another, impromptu design before onlookers: a “live” chair. The limited-edition designs were specially created for sale during the festival, and the proceeds benefited the victims of August’s devastating earthquake in central Italy.

Hand painted retro repeats by Eley Kishimoto.

Printed marble design on leather by Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham of Patternity.

Neo-Memphis pattern made with vinyl stencils by Camille Walala.

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