May 26, 2014

NeoCon Preview 2014: Office Furniture

1. Elective Elements work surface and storage units in metallic finishes and back-painted glass by Steelcase.

2. Syze conference or coffee tables topped with walnut or cherry veneer or plastic laminate on polished aluminum legs by Eoos for Keilhauer.

3. Eyhove work station by David Winston for Scale 1:1.

4. Buzziville in Buzzifelt (composed entirely of up-cycled PET waste) and oak or plastic laminate by Buzzispace.

5. Insalata workspace system in melamine-coated honeycomb paper, painted steel legs, and felt, by Itoki.

6. Haven Pod Team Meeting in wool felt, polyurethane foam, and steel by Senator International.

7. Priveé in wool, polyurethane foam, and powder-coated steel by Borgo.

8. Re: booth in TFL with banquettes upholstered in Buzzifelt recycled-PET felt in Petrol by OFS brands.

9. Square work-space system by Fursys with button ottomans by Fursys.

10. Malibu modular seating in stainless steel and polyurethane by ERG International.

11. Muffle acoustical panels in steel and polyester in Grape and Vanilla by Okamura Corporation.

12. Visor modular seating in tubular stainless steel and Designtex polyester with privacy panels in Maharam wool and connecting tables in glass and plastic laminate by Encore Seating.

13. Palisade seating, working, and sleeping system by Sorel for Nemschoff.

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