May 28, 2015

NeoCon 2015 Product Preview: Textiles


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1. Pizzazz polyester by True Textiles through Guilford of Maine

2. Erin Ruby Collection by Erin Ruby Design for HBF Textiles.

3. Feltro Due by Paola Lenti for Maharam.

4. Subdivide by Suzanne Tick for Teknion Textiles

5. Adjaye Collection by Adjaye Associates for KnollTextiles

6. Venus leather by Green Hides.

7. EvoFabric Dimensional-Tres upholstery in polyurethane by Concertex.

8. Balance in Symmetry and Synergy wool-nylon in Alliance by Camira

9. Equinox cotton-polyester blend by Brentano.

10. Heather wool-nylon by Designtex.

11. Joy of Hex cotton-polyester by Pollack.

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