March 14, 2013

Hammocks Inspired Offecct’s Netframe Furniture by Cate & Nelson

A minimalist shell and slim legs distinguish both the sofa and chair that make up the Netframe, a new furniture collection designed by

Cate & Nelson



, a Sweden-based contemporary furniture manufacturer. “In order to succeed with this challenge we had to turn everything upside down in the development process,” says Nelson Ruiz-Acal, one half of the design duo.

“We wanted to create a seating system that would require as little material as possible, but without compromising the comfort or the volume,” adds Ruiz-Acal. “It needed to be as comfortable as an upholstered sofa but with minimal material used and wasted.”

OFFECCT Netframe1 Low

Inspired by a traditional hammock’s smart use of few materials and canvas suspended on the structure, semi-transparent space fabric is wrapped around the structure and held in place by the cushions. The collection’s oval shape and quiet footprint lends itself to both public and private environments.

OFFECCT Netframe13 Low

The designs of Cate & Nelson, comprised of Swedish designer Cate Högdahl and Spanish Ruiz-Acal, are distinguished by sustainability and a continental approach. Because Netframe is created with so little materials, little waste is created, supporting both Cate & Nelson’s and Offecct’s sustainability mission. “Netframe is a product that is distinguished by transparency and responsibility and reflects the way we see our role in the surrounding society,” says Kurt Tingdal, CEO, Offecct.

OFFECCT Netframe7 Low

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