March 5, 2017

New Arc-Com Upholstery Pattern: Crystal

The Arc-Com Design Studio sought to capture the dynamic beauty of magnificent stones with the introduction of its newest pattern, Crystal.

Mankind has been fascinated by crystals for centuries. The varied colors, shapes, and sizes have captured our imaginations and delighted our senses.

The use of crystals has been dated back to 4000 BC. From the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, and Mayans, to the Aztecs, Chinese, and Greeks, many ancient cultures believed that crystals contained magical powers. Crystals have been used in healing rituals, psychic communication,agriculture, for finding love and keeping it, for protection, for study and patience, and much, much more. We use crystals today in our technology and in our homes.

Consisting of flat faces with sharp angles, crystals are commonly recognized by their shape. There are seven geometric forms from which crystals are formed including rectangles, triangles, squares, hexagons, rhomboids, trapeziums, and parallelograms. Pattern Crystal fuses all of these different geometric crystal shapes into a dynamic mid-scale multicolored pattern. Comprised of 100% polyester, pattern Crystal utilizes unique heathery polyester in the fill that mimics the look of wool.

Content: 63% Polyester, 37% Solution-Dyed Polyester

Finish/Backing: Stain Resistant Finish/Acrylic Back

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