December 8, 2017

New Interstyle Tile Collection Pays Homage to Japanese Poet

A famous poet of 17th-century Japan, Matsuo Kinsaku, known as Basho, is known for refining the haiku format of short-form unrhymed poetry. Architectural-glass specialist Interstyle channels the master’s spirit in Basho, a collection of colored glass tile notable for harmonious symmetry. The in-house development studio’s lead color specialist, Tiffanee Scorer, divided each 4-by-8-inch rectangle with a diagonal line to create two halves: one glossy, one matte. Tone-on-tone and contrasting combinations are among 20 options that may be mixed or matched as triangles, diamonds, or chevrons. Manufactured from new and postindustrial reclaimed material, the VOC-free glass resists cold, heat, and UV rays.

Basho color tiles.

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